What dive sites do you go to?

We go to all of the dive sites from Barracuda and San Juan in the north, to Maracaibo in the south. There is an additional charge of $10 for special dive sites including Punta Sur, Maracaibo, Chunchakaab, Barracuda, San Juan, and the mainland. There is also a seven-diver minimum boatload for these dive sites. Weather and sea conditions, as well as diver skill, are considered for some of the more advanced sites. Sites are usually decided by the group of divers on the boat. If there is a particular dive site you are interested in diving, talk to the dive shop and your divemaster early in your stay. Please see the following links for locations and descriptions of Cozumel dive sites:

Do you do night dives?

Yes, we do night dives 2-3 nights per week. They are not scheduled on specific nights but rather based on request. We must have at least four divers signed up to do a night dive. We do try to avoid Sunday nights so our staff can have some family time.

Twilight and night dive times vary depending upon the time of year. These are scheduled with the dive shop and all divers are required to come to the dive shop for departure.

Will you pick me up at my hotel dock?

We pick up divers at hotels from El Cantil Condos (just south of downtown) to the far southern resorts, including Iberostar.  We do not pick up at the hotels north of downtown. Some hotels may charge their guests a daily dock access fee for getting picked up by a dive shop other than the onsite dive operation.  Please check with the dive shop to see if your hotel charges this access fee.

What time are your dives?

7:30 AM – The boats leave the dive shop dock at 7:30 am for the morning two-tank trips. Pick up times at hotels are dependent on the number of stops, number of divers, weather, and distance from the dive shop. Pick up at the far southern resorts is usually around 8:00AM.

1:00 PM – The boats leave the dive shop dock at 1:00 for afternoon dives.  We must have at least four divers signed up for our afternoon boats to go out. Divers usually come to the dive shop to go out on afternoon dives.  

Night dive times vary depending upon the time of year. These are scheduled with the dive shop and all divers are required to come to the dive shop for departure. We must have at least four divers signed up for our night dive boats to go out.

Where is your dive shop located?

 Our shop is located at the International Cruise Ship Terminal. , which is 2½ miles south of downtown San Miguel. Enter through the first security gate. Let them know you are diving with Dive with Martin.  Walk through the tourist shops as if you’re going out to the water. The shop is located on the right at the base of the pier near Bubba Gump's Restaurant.
Map of Shop location. 

What kind of boats do you have and how many divers do they hold?

We have five small fast boats that carry 6-10 divers. These boats are designed to get you out to the reefs as quickly as possible. Water entry is done by a back roll off the side of the boat or a giant stride off of the back platform.  Water exit is done by a ladder onto a dive platform on the back of the boat.  Each boat is equipped with emergency oxygen supply, radio, first aid kits, and life preservers. Camera rinse tanks are a five-gallon bucket of freshwater. All boats have some shade cover.

We also have one 41 foot boat that holds up to 14 people. This boat has an enclosed cabin and a restroom.

What kind of rental equipment do you use?

We use weight integrated BCDs (XS – XXL) and yoke value regulators. We also have fins, masks, and weight belts available. There is no charge for the use of our gear, other than wetsuits, dive computers and dive lights. These are each $10 each per day. The use of all gear is based on availability, but we rarely run out. Make sure you request it as early as possible. 

What size tanks do you use?

We can supply the following size tanks: 63 cf, 80 cf and 100 cf. Our standard tanks are 80 cf.  There is an additional charge of $4 per tank for larger tanks and these must be requested in advance. 

Can I get Nitrox tanks?

Nitrox is available for an additional $12 per tank and must be requested in advance. We only have 80 cf tanks for Nitrox. Nitrox is mixed at 32% or 36%.  

Do you take cruise ship divers?

Yes, we try our best to accommodate cruise ship divers. 

What are the water and weather conditions like in Cozumel?

Average Water temperatures: 

     Winter/Spring — 75 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit  (24 - 27 degrees Celcius)
    Summer/Fall – 80 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit  (27 - 29 degrees Celcius)
Average air temperatures: 

     Tropical climate year-round with an average air temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

We dive rain or shine.  Weather-related refunds are only provided when the port has been closed by the Harbor Master. 

What about Cancellations?

Individual dives must be canceled AT LEAST FOURTEEN (14) HOURS BEFORE the scheduled date and time. Dives canceled within fourteen (14) hours will be charged at the full rate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Individual dive day cancellations can ONLY be made by phoning or sending a message DIRECTLY to the dive shop or by appearing in person at the dive shop. Please DO NOT contact the reservation agents to cancel. They are located in the US and do not receive these messages in time to relay the information to the dive shop.

To call the shop phone (from a Cozumel landline): 987 872 0982 or 987 872 2610

To call the shop's cell phone (from a Cozumel landline): 987 117 5793

To call Dive with Martin cell phone (from your cell phone): +52 987 117 5793

To leave a Whatsapp text or voice message: +52 987 117 5793
Download the Whatsapp application on your phone. Put the DWM cell phone number in your phone contacts - +52 987 117 5793. When you have WIFI, open the Whatsapp app and Dive with Martin will show as one of your contacts. Just send them a message by text or voice)

Cancellations of an entire dive trip MUST BE MADE AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE your first day of scheduled diving to receive a full refund or credit for your deposit. If cancellations are made within 24 hours of your first day, you will forfeit the deposit or any payment made. Cancellations of entire trips can be made by email or phone to the reservation agent or the shop.