PADI & NAUI Scuba Course Overview

Once you have decided to become a diver or to further your training, you have to choose a dive agency to certify you. The good news is, Dive with Martin offers you a choice. We are a PADI Dive Center, but our instructors can teach the PADI or NAUI curriculum for most all courses. Our instructors have certified over 14,000 divers at all different levels of instruction. 

What do PADI and NAUI stand for?

PADI = Professional Association of Diving Instructors

NAUI = National Association of Underwater Instructors

Both PADI and NAUI are among the biggest dive training agencies in the world offering diving knowledge and skills that will make you competent, safety conscious diver.

PADI is the largest dive agency in the world. PADI instructors have trained divers all over the globe and it has dive shops nearly in very part of the world. They are a for-profit organization that earns their profit from marketing and selling their products. PADI offers both face-to-face instruction and eLearning options.  

NAUI is a not-for profit diving agency that deeply focus on educating divers about safe diving, hence their motto “Dive safety through education.” They are the second largest dive agency in the world after PADI. NAUI offers only face-face course instruction. 



Look over our course offerings and visit the PADI website to learn more.  


 Look over our course offerings and visit the NAUI website to learn more.  



Students can choose to take a course as a PADI course or a NAUI course. The academic portion of the PADI courses can be taken online or face-to-face. NAUI courses are only taught face-to-face. Both courses teach the same diving skills and require both academic and practical learning activities.