Remembering Martin

In memory of:

Martin Aguilar Perera
October 1966 - November 2006
My life was the sea, the flora and the fauna from these depths, I will take care
of them and I will defend them along with you wherever I am.
Thanks to continue diving with Martin.
Martin Lives.
En memoria de:
Martin Aguilar Perera
Octubre 1966 - Noviembre 2006
Mi vida fue el mar, la flora y la fauna que se encuentran en estas

profundidades, la cuidaré y la defenderé con ustedes donde quiera que me encuentre.

Gracias por sequir buceandro con Martin.
Vive Martin Vive.
Martin passed away this past Thanksgiving morning.  He was buried on his beloved home of Isla de Cozumel the next morning.  Many have asked; what was the cause of his death?  To try and answer that, one must review what befell a truly strong and caring man.  First, his brother Sergio drowned.  This as a result of many, many health issues on Sergio’s part.  Next, his island, his business, and his community was devastated by the worst hurricane in modern history.  Soon after a heroic recovery, he lost his wife Shelly to a brain aneurysm in May.    
The demands of his business, his family, and his community, coupled with his tragic losses, began to take a toll on Martin’s health.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia the latter part of September.  He never quite seemed to overcome it.  His body weakened and he was unable to recover.  Take away the previous circumstances, and the Martin we all knew would have shaken pneumonia off easily.  But we can’t... and he didn’t.    

What we can do is remember Martin as he would have wanted us to.  That quick little smile.  That guy who was always there to take care of us and much more.  That guy who remembered us when we came back, and was sincerely interested in us, our families, and our friends.  That guy was and still is Martin!


For most of us, Cozumel has always been a place in the heart.  You don’t have to be there to feel its lure and charm in your mind.  Martin was a part of it all.  Much like the island, he too has now become a place in the heart.

John Carberry



Remembering Martin Four Years Later: One Man's Tribute

Recently, I was sent a DVD of a dive trip that Martin led when he worked at Del Mar Aquatics around 1990. I dove with Del Mar then...but, I do not remember him. In the video, he looked and acted like a "little kid.” Several years later, I met him as a man with a solid dive operation, and a growing business. He was still a little kid at heart. I was a 50 year old with a “Peter Pan” complex. Thus our instant friendship!




But, it was not until I lived at his home and taught for him, that I realized how good a businessman he was. Martin was smart and beyond that, he was a caring and concerned spirit. For many residents of Cozumel he was a walking talking welfare system. His efforts for the children of the island were monumental. He never forgot where he came from, or the plight of having nothing to eat. Many locals recall Martin going through the neighborhoods, loading up kids in the back of the Dive With Martin truck, taking them to a local taqueria….feeding ‘em till they almost popped.

As one advances in years, many friends are suddenly stricken and taken away. The questions always are…. why them, why now, why so soon? Such is life that the scales are only weighed after one's passing. Only then is both the good and bad brought to light. The most important questions of the ancient Egyptian Gods to the fallen Pharaoh were...Did you live a happy life? Did you make the lives of others around you better? Can’t speak for the Pharaohs...but, Martin passed!

For those of us left behind, we seek to answer the unanswerable. The hurt of a friend’s passing never really heals. One philosopher’s gauge of a worthwhile life was to live well, to laugh often, to love much, to gain the respect of intelligent people, and to win the love of little children. Again, Martin passed with flying colors!

This Thanksgiving will mark 4 years without Martin. I’ll honor Martin just like he’d want me to. I’m gonna remember all the crazy things we did, and laugh till I hurt. For those of you who knew him...feel free to join me. For those of you who didn’t know him; your loss is much greater than mine.

You were right Amigo...always “little by little.”

Carberry (November 2010)

Photo courtesy Jennifer Pobiak - Dec. 2008


Remember Martin Two Years Later




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