Cenote Dive Packages
All cenote packages include:  

  • Two cenote dives in two different locations
  • All diving equipment, including lights
  • Entrance fees to cenotes
  • Dive guide, with a maximum ratio of 4:1 divers to guide
  • Ground transportation from the Playa del Carmen ferry pier to the cenotes and back to Playa del Carmen ferry pier
  • Sandwiches and water provided between or after dives
Cenote packages do NOT include:  
  • Roundtrip ferry tickets between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen (approximately $26 USD)
  • $2 per day Marine Park fee for Cozumel diving
  • Wetsuits or dive lights while diving in Cozumel ($10 each per day)


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Cenote Dive Packages

All packages must be booked DIRECTLY with Dive with Martin (see Reservations / Contact)

Package Cost
1 day/2 tank Cenote Only Package $185
1 day/2 tank Cenote + 2 days/2 tank diving in Cozumel $325
1 day/2 tank Cenote + 3 days/2 tank diving in Cozumel $350
1 day/2 tank Cenote + 4 days/2 tank diving in Cozumel $400
1 day/2 tank Cenote + 5 days/2 tank diving in Cozumel $450
FAQs about Cenote Diving

What makes a cenote dive special?
Cenotes are natural sinkholes resulting from the collapse of the limestone bedrock characteristic of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Crystal clear fresh water runs gently through the cenotes which are filled with amazing underwater structures, including stalactites, stalagmites, columns and  fossils. The play of light filtering from above and the halocline, which is the blurry water where fresh and salt water meet, create a unique experience for all divers.

How do I get from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen and back?
It is the customers responsibility to purchase a round trip ferry ticket from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen (PDC) and back. You must be on the 7 am ferry from Cozumel to PDC.
Your will return to Cozumel on the 3 pm ferry, arriving in Cozumel around 4 pm.

Where do I meet my dive guide?
You will be met by your dive guide at the Sr. Frog's restaurant on the left at the base of the ferry pier.

Where do I get my dive equipment?
After meeting your dive guide in Playa del Carmen, you will be taken to the dive shop to get your equipment.

How many divers can go on the cenote trip?
We can accommodate as many divers as you have in your group, however, we have to have AT LEAST two divers to make the reservation. Each dive guide will accompany a maximum of four divers through the cenote.

What cenotes will I visit?
The cenotes which are most often visited are:

  • Chac Mool  (dives at Chac Mool and Kukulcan)
  • Dos Ojos (dives at Barbie line and Bat Cave)

The following cenotes can be visited for an additional $ 15 per person. These cenotes are farther from Playa del Carmen and have higher entrance fees.

  • Eden  & Taj Mahal
  • Eden and Chikin Ha
  • Gran Cenote and CalaveraDreamGate

How deep are the cenote dives?
The maximum depth of the cenotes is approximately 40 feet.   Much of the dive will be done in a depth of 15-20 feet.

What is the water temperature in the cenote?
The average water temperature is 75 - 77 degrees. You will definitely want at least a 3mm wetsuit.




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